iPhone 13 Could Feature an Always On Display to Save Battery Consumption

iphone 13 always on display

Apple seems to be eager to provide the best for its users. For the upcoming iPhone 13, they are going to have the screen to be always-on display. It means you can see the time, date, and battery level without having to wake up your phone. Perfect for when you’re in the cinema or at a meeting.

Apple iPhone 13 Always On Display Feature

However, the always-on display is nothing new. You can see it on smartwatches and some Android phones. However, Apple said that their always-on is different from the one in Android or a smartwatch.

iphone 13 always on display

The iPhone 13 always-on display is only limited to the important information on the screen, such as date, time, and battery level. Any notifications will only light up the small section of the screen before dimmed out again. It is to ensure you won’t be distracted or even waken up by the light from your phone.

When it comes to design, iPhone 13 may not look much different from iPhone 12. Both phones have a flat-edge design like in the iPhone 4. However, iPhone 13 may be a portless phone. On top of that, it will have some fancy colors such as pink and bronze.

New Batery Capacities

A rumor mentioned that iPhone 13 may have reverse charging. So now you don’t have to worry about where to charge your AirPods. And you don’t have to worry about battery longevity. Apple is upgrading the battery capacity for all iPhone 13 models. All iPhone 13 models will get about 10% extra battery capacity than in iPhone 12.

You can notice the capacity bump in the battery for iPhone 13 mini and Pro Max. iPhone 13 mini will have a 2400mAH battery. And that is an extra 200mAH bump from the 2200mAH battery in the iPhone 12 mini. iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a 4300mAH battery, a massive improvement from the 3800mAH battery in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iphone 13 battery capacity

You don’t have to worry about the always-on will take most of the battery usage. First of all, the always-on technology is using OLED display. OLED screen doesn’t have to display the black, so it will only light the important information. And to save battery usage even further, Apple will implement LTPO technology on display. LTPO or Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide can dynamically adjust the refresh rate without extra hardware.

Even though the always-on feature is available for all iPhone 13 models, LTPO may only be available for the Pro and Pro Max models. Another rumor mentioned that Apple is working to implement 120Hz ProMotion into iPhone 13. And Apple may add a LiDAR sensor on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, boosting the photography capability.

The only downside of upgrading battery capacity and refresh rate is that the handset dimension will be slightly thicker. But since iPhone 13 will introduce several new colors, a little extra weight won’t be an issue.

If you’re thinking to upgrade your iPhone to the new iPhone 13, you need to know several things. The upcoming phone doesn’t have a lot of upgrades from the current iPhone 12. iPhone 13 has an A15 chipset, but it’s only a minor upgrade from the A14 chipset in iPhone 12. Both phones also have Wifi 6 and 5G connectivity.

The new iOS 15

However, iPhone 13 introduces the new iOS 15. Even though Apple hasn’t released any screen display for the new OS, they mentioned they reworked several apps. For example, maps and weather that will include business complex and more buildings. But the app that has the most upgrade is FaceTime. With iOS 15, you can share the FaceTime weblink with your Android users’ friends and have them join in.

During the Apple Event in September 2021, the California-based tech giant will also announce the iPad Mini 6, M1X MacBook Pro. Though it’s obvious that iPhone 13 has all the buzz for the time being. You can expect Apple to announce the pricing scheme at the same event. Apple tends to release the phone a week after announcing it.

Anyway, you have the option to get the new iPhone 13 with new flashy colors or choose to save and wait a bit longer for iPhone 14. Yes, there are already some whispers mentioning that iPhone 14 is already in the work.

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How to Setup Wifi Extender According to the Purpose

setup wifi extender

How to setup WIFI extender appears in many ways depending on the purpose. Some people set it up for improving signals, use a new router, and so on. Anyway, there are two kinds of WIFI extender setup on this page that you will take today. It is about how to setup WIFI extender for the best signal and it brings one example from the NETGEAR router. This page chooses it because NETGEAR includes the fastest and famous router all over the world.

setup wifi extender

7 Secrets of how to Setup WIFI extender for getting the Best Signal

It sounds so embarrassed when your WIFI cannot log in or connect and has an inconsistent signal. Do not let your friends or family make fun of you! Overcome it soon along with the 7 tips below:

  1. The first secret is on the placement or the location! Find the best area that invites a strong signal to your router.
  2. Use an AC extension cord to ease the signal discovery. The cord helps to bring the router until in the most hidden place.
  3. If you have a multistory house you can utilize the upstairs and downstairs area.
  4. Avoiding Obstacles that reflect or absorb the signal. It is such as the large pieces of metal, walls, mirrors, masonry supports, and closet. Avoiding stray radio-frequency signals like cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, and refrigerators.
  5. Create a convenient name for the encryption passcode and the network name. You may use the same name or create a different name.
  6. Look for the app assistance like Android, iOS, and Home WIFI Alert.
  7. Involve a mesh networking kit to courage more.

2 options Ways to setup or reconnect WIFI Extender from NETGEAR

In the second section, this page brings NETGEAR as an example to set up your WIFI extender. Exactly, it is the way to reconnect your home network with the NETGEAR WIFI range extender. Seemly, it changes two options to reconnect it was the first method is using Ethernet. Meanwhile, the second way just involves WIFI. You can choose it based on your desire but both have long enough steps. The First method has 10 steps and another is 9 steps.

Okay, those are detailed information on the ways to set up or reconnect your WIFI extender. In conclusion, this page reveals two kinds of the way to set up the WIFI extender. Now, you can try it based on your purpose to setup. Of course, it is extremely vital to listen to the seven tips above. Save it and implement it to get the best router performance.

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How to Avoid Telemarketing Calls on Samsung Galaxy S21

avoid telemarketing calls

Did you ever get an incoming call that often bother you? Whether the call is coming from someone who you know or not. For some people, the incoming call can sometimes be a matter that is very annoying, especially for those who are a worker. In fact, not infrequently they push messages you really don’t want to hear if you don’t answer the call. You are probably already thinking about a telemarketers, but this should not be the norm.

avoid telemarketing calls

For those of you who are users of Samsung Galaxy S21 series, of course you don’t have to worry anymore to resolve the issue. Samsung has a very nice feature to be able to help you in this matter. With these features, you can reject an incoming call from that number. However, if these annoying calls come from numbers that already saved in the phone’s contact, so you only need to block these numbers only.

Steps to avoid telemarketing calls on your Galaxy S21 5G series

If you are particularly disturbed by incoming calls from people you don’t know, you can activate the feature that will not be enabled by default, and before you use it you should know that this feature will be highly dependent on the operator. Given the gazillions of businesses listed in the White Pages, there is a great possibility that you will be able to tell who is a telemarketer who continues to bother you!

To use the feature you should do:

  1. Access Settings from Galaxy S21.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced Features section.
  3. Press the identification number is not already stored and switched his switch from Off to On.

From now on, you should be able to see who’s calling you even when their numbers are not stored on your phone. Only two conditions necessary to enjoy all the above is to:

  1. Your operator to support this feature.
  2. The caller to have a business that is listed in the White Pages database.

Hopefully the trick to avoid telemarketing calls on your Samsung Galaxy S21 can make you calmer and no more unclear calls. Find more Samsung Galaxy S21 tricks by reading the user manual here https://www.galaxys21userguide.com.

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iPhone Tutorial: Six Important Features You Should Know

iphone tutorial

Some people, especially the users of iPhone, are still confused about iPhone tutorial. Actually, if they learn it frequently, they can understand it well. Thus, we are going to help you to share some easy ways of each feature on your iPhone. Hopefully, you are able to do something based on your desire at that time. So, please pay attention to this following review which will discuss some features on iPhone tutorial.

iphone tutorial

Six Important Things of iPhone Tutorial

  1. Restore from Backupiphone setup

If you are the new user of iPhone, you can move all your data and the applications to your new iPhone using iCloud. The first way in restoring your data is placing new iPhone beside the old device. Then, pair both devices and your new iPhone will sign into iCloud automatically. Hence, all of the data and applications will restore on your new iPhone.

  1. Set Up Touch ID

You can set up the Touch ID on your iPhone by going to the menu of Settings and choose Touch ID and Passcode.

  1. Turn on Find My iPhone

This kind of feature of iPhone tutorial can help the owner of iPhone find the device which is stolen or lost. It can be done by opening the application of Find iPhone and then please sign in with your ID. So, this feature is very important to use in order to protect your own data.

  1. Experiment with 3D Touch

This feature can be done easily. You just press a little harder on the icon of the application. It is useful for the users of iPhone when they open the Instagram stories, capture a camera, and so on. Besides, it can check the weather forecast and compose a new text message.

  1. Customize Control Center

When you swipe up the screen of your iPhone from the bottom, you can customize everything in Control Center. Besides, you can also change the panel of Control Center by choosing Control Center in the menu of Settings application.

  1. Change Your Wallpaper

The first thing that you should do is opening the application of Settings and then scroll down to the Wallpaper. After that, click on the option of “choose a new wallpaper”. Next, you can choose from the photos you have.

Well, those six important features of iPhone tutorial can be your source in using your smartphone. When you use the features on the iPhone based on the correct guide, so you have done the right instruction well.

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These Simple Steps Can Save iPhone SE Battery Life

save iphone se battery life

You do not have to bring your laptop just to watch streaming movies, videos from YouTube, and others. Now, there are many modern portable gadgets such as the iPhone that supports you do this thing. However, you have to deal with the battery life that can easily drain than you can expect. Besides, the iPhone does not work for the movies or music alone, yet it has to divide the battery life with other services and apps in the background. To save iPhone SE battery life, try the tips below.

save iphone se battery life

How to Save iPhone SE Battery Life

It is possible for you to optimize the power usage through the Settings. However, there are some more things to do to make the battery works longer. According to https://iphoneseuserguide.com, here the tips you can follow.

  1. Music in Offline Mode Only

Why do not go with streaming music? It takes more battery than playing the music in the local audio files storage, downloaded or synced. Spotify is one of the examples of streaming music service that supports the offline mode. It supports you to listen to any music without an Internet connection.

  1. Check Music Apps as Battery Drainers

For you who have iOS 8 or higher, you can view any apps that use the most power. The information is available in form of percentage. You can go to the Settings and find a battery usage option. If you are not listening to music, it is better to shut streaming apps. Streaming apps are the real battery killers.

  1. Earbuds/ Headphone, not Speakers

Listening to music with the internal speaker or wireless setup can take more power than using earbuds or headphones.

  1. Adjust the Screen Brightness to Low

It is the culprit of the low battery in your iPhone. Therefore, it is better to reduce the brightness of the screen to save the battery life instantly.

  1. Turn Off Bluetooth

Disable this service is a good idea to save the battery, especially if you are not using it.

  1. Turn Off Wi-Fi

You can disable Wi-Fi connection when you listen to the local music file. If you are not those who use the iPhone via a router, you can disable it forever.

  1. Disable AirDrop

AirDrop helps you to share files, and transfer music to other devices by using the iZip app. Nevertheless, it can drain the battery power when you enable it in the background.

  1. Download Music Videos, Not Streaming

Watching videos from YouTube or other sites can drain the battery power. It is better to download the videos and watch it later to save the battery.

  1. Turn Off Music Equalizer

It is a great feature especially to EQ but it takes more power. This app requires intensive CPU performance on your iPhone.

  1. Turn Off iCloud

iCloud can support all things you need with your devices. But, when you think that you can live without it, you can save more battery power for your iPhone SE.

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